Escalante Golf is a boutique owner and operator of numerous properties across the United States.  Founded in 1991, the company is both honored and humbled to be stewards over some of the most prestigious golf courses and private clubs in the country.  

Escalante brings tremendous passion and enthusiasm for both the game and business of golf, including the hospitality and real estate operations that often complement it. The entire team shares a common commitment to creating a strategic vision, developing a quality product and executing a sound business plan.  This commitment to excellence has helped forge strong relationships with the most respected organizations in the game.

Over the last 25 years, Escalante Golf has selectively added key properties and has been blessed with some very distinctive assets.  Escalante’s proven track record with complex transactions has given industry experts confidence in its ability to execute and perform.  The company has intrinsic desire to serve its members and guests and has deep respect for the numerous partners needed to be successful.

As a performance-based company, Escalante is driven to be the most influential golf company in the world. By thinking differently, it has been able to create a unique opportunity for its investors, partners and employees while providing world-class experiences for its members and guests.